Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

Having an “attitude of gratitude” may seem cliche to some, but I believe there is great power in it.  That is why I was so excited to hear about #30daysofgratitude on Facebook.  For the month of November, I will be posting daily something that I am grateful for.  If you include the hashtag with your posts, they automatically go to a page where all the other posts are and you can read them.  Be warned……doing this may make you feel really good and inspired when you would rather be wallowing in complaints and self pity…….

Thinking about gratitude and the blessings of this life reminds me of one of my favorite verses in Philippians.   “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” (4:8)

Thinking about the Good in our lives accomplishes a very important thing: It takes our mind off of ourselves and focuses it on the One who has given us all good things because ultimately: IT IS NOT ABOUT ME……..something I have to remind myself of every day.

In her most excellent book on cultivating a grateful heart entitled “one thousand gifts”, writer Ann Voskamp talks about the enemy of God- who wants to steal our joy and live in misery.  Ingratitude, says Voskamp, is the first sin…..”I believe the serpent’s hissing lie, the repeating refrain of his campaign through the ages: God isn’t good. It’s the cornerstone of his movement.  That God withholds good from His children, that God does not genuinely, fully love us.”

This month of November, join me in shouting out the lies of the enemy of God by doing one simple thing.  Join me in #30daysofgratitude- and if you really want to change your thinking, pick up a copy of Voskamp’s book and read it.  These two things alone will change the way you think.

In all things give thanks……..

Blessings and love be upon you.

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