A Poem for Ukraine, Fear and Family History

Ahhhhhh The World……
Lord God, You made it.

Beautiful and Frightening in its own way

That there can be moments of beauty
Right next to moments of ugliness
In the same room
Existing in the same space

Moments of joy
Coexisting with moments of fear
In the same box
In the same closet
In the same nooks and crannies of our hearts

How can this be?

In one room the children cower in fear
Wondering when the Russian troops will march down their street- in front of their windows?

Just like my mother wondered all those years ago
Just like my father wondered from behind Russian barbed wire
At fifteen – a victim of facism and communist totalitarianism at the same time
A refugee
An orphan
A child

This is happening again
The roots of war trauma run deep in my family

I am triggered
I am anxious
I am terribly, terribly sad

While – at the same time-
Full of joy that we have found a home
A place to settle
A place to rest
A place for peace

Yet I cannot stop thinking about those who do not have this
I cannot stop praying for the rooms and closets in this world where there is fear and want
Hunger and loss

All at the same time…..

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