BOAT LIFE- We Rented a Winter Air B&B

It is adorable and spacious and spotless.

I have already taken a shower and am trying out my heating pad on the bed….(I hurt my back two weeks ago and have been nursing an injury since then) Brand new fixtures in the bathroom and cute vintage touches throughout the apartment!

Walking distance to the boat. Six weeks of winter boat living- DONE👍❄️

It was a good experiment and I’m glad that we tried it. I still think it will work fine when the weather is warm and we are able to spread out on the decks and in the cockpit ……but only having the cabin to use as a living space because of the cold weather was a serious challenge. Not because of the temperature at all (we were able to heat that thing like a sauna. ) It was more the tiny space issue and the two of us trying to get along in such a small space. On the boat in the summertime we can spread out it’s a totally different vibe.

Our winter place even has a little nook at the window where I can set up a tiny desk and my computer and printer!!!!!

On the boat I had to keep my printer in a bag tucked in a shelf and could only use it when I needed to print and then had to put it away when I was done printing. That got old pretty fast….. also, our marina closes their bathrooms for the winter because they don’t want the pipes to freeze so for the last four weeks we have to have figure out very creative ways to take care of our bathroom needs (I will spare you the details 😂) . We were showering at the gym but with the spike in Covid numbers I was feeling less and less comfortable with that plan. Having a safe place to be with our own bathroom facilities will make a huge difference in our attitudes I am sure❤️

As I said I’m glad we tried the experiment. You never know until you try. But now I know that for the winters….. we will be needing to find a place to rent.

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