Cuttyhunk Magic

My plan was to shut off social media for the week that I am on Cuttyhunk…..but the stories here are just too good not to tell. Since I use my blog and Facebook as a type of journal to record memories for my own use, I decided I will limit myself to a post a day….because I don’t want to forget how amazing everything is this week.

Last night, after the evening Hymn Sing Social was over at Cuttyhunk Church (it is the social and spiritual highlight of each week- amazing music and a special guest minister) Allan and I took a walk down to the dock to check out the Tall Ship (Mystic Whaler) that had pulled into port earlier in the day. There was a crowd gathered at the dock, laughing and clapping.

When we got close enough to see, we realized that the “ship jester” was playing a guitar and singing, entertaining island folks who were out for their evening stroll.

On Cuttyhunk, there is an ice cream shack at the dock and a nighttime routine for many island families, and the boater guests in the harbor, is to take a stroll into town after dinner to get ice cream. Many of the boaters also have dogs and they bring their dogs ashore to walk in the evening.

There are no cars on Cuttyhunk. Everyone walks or uses golf carts to get around. In fact, walking is one of the main island activities. Having a week where I do not need to use my car for anything at all, is one of the magical attractions of Cuttyhunk.


So anyway…..the “ship jester” went on to entertain the people at the dock, who were also mingling with the passengers and crew from the Mystic Whaler. After he played a few tunes, he went on to lead the group in a rollicking game of Simon Says. It was absolutely hysterical. Allan and I looked at each other and both said at the exact same time- “Only on Cuttyhunk “.

Only on Cuttyhunk would an evening Hymn Sing Social at church – with DELECTABLE homemade orange cranberry cookies- and a random game of Simon Says, with strangers at the dock, be THOUSANDS of times better than a $200 ticket to an event in Boston or Gillette Stadium.


There is a magic here, that cannot adequately be described in words…..try as I might. If you are a Cuttyhunk person at heart, you fall under a spell as soon as you step onto this island.

We walked on, under a giant red moonrise, to the little path on the beach where our dingy waited. Allan rowed us back to our Oasis in the moonlight. The only sounds were the waves crashing on the beach and the crickets chirping in the dunes.



I wonder what magic we will experience today…….



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