The Pleasure Principle

Today, in Yoga class, I was given a “truth bomb” card. It came from a stack of cards with various messages on them. The one that I got today blew my mind- because it was PERFECT for where I am right now in my journey.

It said this: “Pleasure is Power”.

I shared this thought after class with my instructor and a new friend. We bonded over talking about self-care…..and how it is REVOLUTIONARY and NECESSITY and, by and large, SO NEGLECTED by ourselves and the women that we know who are all on a train headed to Burnout Junction.

When you are stalled at Burnout Junction, you eat a lot of take out.
You skimp on exercise- or maybe eliminate it altogether.
You don’t see your friends.
There isn’t much laughter or singing or dancing.
There isn’t much pleasure.

But, as the Truth Bomb says…..Pleasure IS Power. When I take time for adding pleasure at various points in the day- it actually nourishes my spirit and gives me power to dig deep and care deeply for others.
When I take time to add a mindful yoga class, or a hike in nature, or a trip to smell the fresh strawberries at the local farmers market, or a slow cup of coffee with a dear friend, it might SEEM like I will get less done. That is not true. I will get more done because, when I then turn my focus to the needs of others, I will be present, rested and powerful.

I will be coming from a place of nurture.

You aren’t thinking about deep things when you are just surviving.
When you do have unexpected free time- there is mostly a lot of bingeing- TV, cupcakes, wine, video games- whatever is your drug of choice.

You are in survival mode.
Your patience is thin.
You don’t have time to stop and smell the roses.
You barely have time to stop and use the bathroom.

My new friends and I bonded over a shared desire to take better care of ourselves. We are committed to getting off the train headed to Burnout Junction.

We are going to take a leisurely hike to Harmony Hill instead.

It was a revolutionary conversation.
Because of a Truth Bomb.

What are YOU doing today to nurture yourself and avoid Burnout Junction??

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