Dressing for Battle

I should probably refrain from writing this until I have heard the sermon (which was supposed to be amazing)….But I am thinking about why people love weddings so much. I don’t know about everyone else …..But this is why I do…..

It’s not the flowers, or the fancy dresses or the beautiful music or the CAKE, or the church (and you KNOW I love ALL of those things!!)

For me, it is the HOPE that love conquers all.

In the Greek, Hope is the ASSURANCE of things we do not see. There is an assurance of hope. It is expected. It is not a wish. It is an assurance. It is a done deal.

At a wedding, especially one where God’s love is the guideline, the hope of LOVE is celebrated. The assurance of LOVE is what I see and experience. And watching that happen with others, reminds me how it happened with me.

Not the flowery, romantic love of beautiful songs, and heart shaped chocolate boxes and pretty pictures….But gritty love. Messy love.

Love that gives up your own desires for those of your beloved.
Love that overlooks the flaws and annoying habits of your beloved.
Love that tries desperately to understand the fact that your beloved grew up in an entirely different family system than you did- and that that family system most likely had vastly different rules, expectations and experiences than yours did.
And that you will try to honor and understand those.
Love that gives up 15 years of your own life and career goals so that you can stand beside your beloved and support that person as they care for their sick mother.
Love that follows each other’s dreams- even if they are not your own.
Love that sees your beloved at their worst, and most broken …..and allows them to see you at yours.
Messy, crying, angry, covered with snot love.
Honest love.
Unrelenting love.
Love when it’s boring.
Love when it’s hard.
Love when you’re tired.
Love when things look hopeless.

We dress up and have a beautiful party to prepare ourselves to enter into a battle.

Because it won’t be beautiful like this every day. (Though it certainly will be sometimes❤️)
Because there won’t be roses and singing and cake every day. (Though there certainly will be some days❤️)
Because there will be challenges.
And arguments.
And differences of opinion.
And political differences (Thankfully- we mostly don’t have those- though it did get a little dicey when Bernie lost to HRC….)
And sickness.
And financial struggles.
And storms…..on a sailboat.
And accidents while docking….that will be your fault- because you never took the time to learn how to sail properly because you are mechanically learning disabled.

But LOVE…..
True self sacrificing, forgiving, cherishing, messy, gritty, beautiful love.
Can conquer all of those challenges.
Even those marriages that don’t make it to the end. There is and was love in those too. There is still family in that. Promises were made. None of us can do this thing perfectly…..because it is a truly hard thing.
But love is never wasted.
God uses all of it.

And weddings remind me of that❤️
And THAT is why I love them.

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