My Wall of Inspiration- Part One

Next to my bed, I have a Wall of Inspiration. It reminds me of things that I believe…..on days when my unbelief threatens to assault the beautiful things that I know to be true.

One of the things that hangs on this wall is an empty frame. It is there to remind me that they day ahead of me is like a blank canvas. Things will happen- some of them planned. Some of them not planned. How I choose to respond to these events will largely determine how my day will go. We always have a choice. To react or to be open. To be open to love. To be open to optimism. To be open to hope.

Scary things may happen. Hard things may happen. Sad things may happen- but I do have options. How I choose to respond is within me. The Kingdom of God is within me. I need to seek that first. And the doors of perception will open.

That is what I think about when I look at the empty frame.

Today, I choose hope.

2 thoughts on “My Wall of Inspiration- Part One

  1. I agree that it’s good to be open to how your day will be.
    I wake up happy. That’s who I am. After listening to my children, I realize that I’m lucky because they don’t feel the same. They are grown women with good lives, but have always told me they have to work on their depression.
    This is very hard for me to understand as I am hard-wired for joy!
    My life hasn’t been easy and what you might think isn’t the real deal. That’s ok. Yet I still wake up with a smile, expectant of good things.
    I love Jesus. I grew up with good Christian parents who took us to church every Sunday. We weren’t Evangelical but we were very steady in our faith. So I’m glad you keep that open frameas it keeps your possibilities open for a good day, maybe a great day!

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