My Musical Time Machine

Thinking a lot lately about music and memories……

I have been doing some more sifting this week. I found some old CD’s that I haven’t listened to in a long time. I’m sitting in my room, drinking coffee and looking out the window, at these perfect little puffy cotton clouds sitting in a bright blue sky. Nobody is home but me…..

When I first went to Seminary, back in 2006, I decided I would only teach 18 hours a week, so I could focus on my studies. I taught at a small 1/2 day nursery school in Needham. I taught three mornings a week and went to Seminary classes two days a week. I had a small class of about ten children and worked with a very talented co-teacher. School was over every day at 1pm. It was pretty much a creampuff teaching job. I would drive home to Franklin, and get there by 2pm. The house would be totally quiet. Kitty was still working then. Dementia had not come yet, to steal our lives away. Allan would still be at his job. I would go to my first floor study, (I had my own separate room-just for my books!!). It was my sanctuary, and I would lie down in this spot on the floor with my comfy pillows and my fuzzy blanket and take a cat nap before studying. I would always play this CD, (the one I just found…) called “Dream Away”. It was instrumental music for relaxation. I would lie in this sunny spot on the rug, think about the day, pray, and dream. Eventually, I would sleep for about 30 minutes. It was this beautiful, sacred, peaceful interlude in the middle of my day. I loved it. I lived for it. I would be SO happy driving home in my car, knowing that I had that special spot of sunshine on the floor waiting for me.

About the time that Allan came home from work, (3:30 or 4:00), my quiet interlude would end. I would get up, make a pot of coffee and get to my study time. I would study for a few hours and then fix some dinner, eat dinner and then study some more. God, I loved those days…..

Unfortunately, real life kicked in, at some point, and I realized that I could not help with keeping our household afloat working 18 hours a week. (What was I thinking???) I began to pick up extra hours at other jobs and eventually had to drop out of Seminary to go back to full time work, (later finding a different Seminary where I could work full time and take evening classes). Life got busy again, and Kitty got sicker, and I began to look for other ways to find serenity…..

But I just put that CD on my player and got transported right back to that sunny spot on the rug in 2006…….

Music is powerful………

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