On Being Stuck in the Hallway…

I got to tell a couple of stories in church the other day-one to a large room full of people, and one to a smaller room full of people. One was about my favorite childhood author, C.S. Lewis, and the other one was about Lewis’ words that are printed on this photo that I am posting today.
Three years ago, I was “in the hallway”.
A dream that I had dreamed and prayed about for many years, was clearly NOT going to come true. It looked, at first glance, like I was finished; like maybe I had misunderstood what I thought God was calling me to do. I was devastated, confused, extremely sad and disappointed.

But God wasn’t finished with me- not by a longshot.

I didn’t have much, but I did have Jesus, and I clung onto Him like a drowning person clings on to a life raft.

Nothing seemed clear, nothing at all, but I knew that I had Jesus, and that some way, somehow, all of this would eventually make sense.

And eventually……..it did.

I’m no longer “in the hallway”, but I know that, eventually, there will be another hallway. There always is. God sometimes does His best work in those hallways. He sure has done the most work on me, in the hallway, and I am wise enough to know (and hopefully remember), that I will just cling to Jesus in that next hallway. And wait patiently until everything starts to make sense.
If you are “in the hallway” today, my prayer for you is to hang on tight.
It is often darkest before the dawn…..

4 thoughts on “On Being Stuck in the Hallway…

    • Thanks for reading AND commenting!! I went to your blog and read the post that you wrote about the “generation that is tired “- I loved that post!! I wrote a similar one on my blog called “choose wisely”- You might like that one too! Hang in there- the hallway can be hard….but eventually- we move on.

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