You Like Me!!

I reached 152 FB likes this week!!!!
(And only 38 of them are people who actually know me.)

Thank You everyone!!!❤️❤️

A few years ago, I decided to get brave and put my writing out in the universe. I had been writing in my journals since the seventh grade. I had always dreamed of telling my story and sharing my observations and inspirations with a wider audience…..


What if nobody read it?
What if they didn’t get it?
What if they made fun of me?
What if there were trolls?

A big part of me believes that one of the reasons that I am here on this planet is to share my experience, stength and hope. And to encourage others to do the same.

But how to get over the FEAR???

A friend I met on FB encouraged me to start a Writer’s Page (Christine Schrade-Keddy-Longer Thoughts on REAL Life ) . I also started a blog ( Little by slow, I got brave. I began to write and I began to pray that someday I would become a published author.

I am still nurturing that dream…….
And every time one of you engages with something I write, it brings me hope.

Thank you, Readers!! ❤️😄


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