Love, Olympic Style

I will be watching the Olympics with my Mom tonight….

The Olympics move me and inspire me like very little other things do……When I was a kid, and the Olympics came on, it was like a holy time in our house. Everything stopped. We watched every minute of TV coverage that was available. My Mother was obsessed with the olympics. My Dad loved them too- but nobody loved the Olympics like my Mom. She knew every story about every athlete. American, German, Russian- she had a special place in her heart for the Austrian ski team. But nationality did not matter. She loved them all.

I hear that famous theme song and I am instantly transported to the orange carpeted family room of 71 Indian Hill Rd. In the winter, we watched Mike Eruzione and Jim Craig lead the US hockey team to historical greatness. In the summer, We watched Nadia Commaneci and Olga Korbutt flip and spin and fly. We watched Frank Shorter crush in the Marathon, and Sugar Ray Leonard box his way to Olympic gold. I remember all of them. On the night of the closing ceremonies, there were always tears. We wanted the Olympics to last forever. They brought us together as a family like little else did. They inspired us and gave us hope……

But the Olympics were like Christmas. They only came every once in a while. That is what made them special. Well, that- and my Mom.

Thanks Mom……..I miss watching the Olympics with you. I miss that a lot.

But I love that you taught me to love them.❤️❤️❤️
I will be watching tonight.
And thinking of you.


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