I am so Old- I Remember when Flavored Coffee became a THING

Musings on Hazelnut Coffee…

I am so old that I remember when Flavored Coffee became a THING.

It was 1989. I was living on my own in DC. Like REALLY on my own. Putting myself through my last year of college and first year of grad school. Working as a waitress, and a nanny, and as an assistant teacher in a really amazing bi-lingual, multicultural childcare center. My life was a little bit nuts, but I was making it- on my own.

The grocery store there is called Safeway. I loved that, because I have always felt comfortable, happy and safe in grocery stores. I loved grocery shopping when I was little. Still do. Sometimes I would go with my Mom- which was nice- but sometimes I would go with my Dad- which was FUN. He let us put ANYTHING WE WANTED in the cart. Anything.

That is what I loved about shopping for myself at Safeway in 1989. I could put anything in my cart. I was buying my own groceries. With my own money that I earned myself. I was taking care of myself. I STILL feel that way. Every time I go grocery shopping.

Every time I went to Safeway, I was like “WOW…..I’m REALLY a grownup now!”

One of the things I remember like it was yesterday was the coffee aisle and all of the choices of coffee…..because flavored coffee HAD JUST BECOME A THING. I would buy my hazelnut coffee and bring it home to my very awesome row house, that I shared with roommates, and make a pot of coffee and be so proud of myself that I was truly making it in the big city.

That is what I still think about whenever I make a pot of hazelnut coffee.

29 years later…….



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