Saturday of YES

The AWESOME book by Shonda Rhimes -The Year of YES- chronicles Shonda’s process of getting out of a rut and saying yes to things that scared her. It is extremely inspiring, hysterically funny, crazy truthful and vulnerable. It is definitely making me think about ways that I can add some SPICE into my life.

So when Husband asked me if I wanted to go to the Expresso Yourself coffeehouse, hosted by the UU church across the street last Saturday night, I was going to say no. I mean that would require me to leave my comfy couch and my books. It would also require me to take a shower and put on a bra! And maybe have to talk to people. The whole thing sounded WAY too peopley for me.

But I decided that I would say YES. I mean it was only across the street. If it was terrible, I could just leave. It would be a good way to get to know some more people in my neighborhood…..And you KNOW I am all about the neighborhood. Just ask Mr. Rogers!

So we went……

Turns out, the Expresso Yourself coffeehouse was one of the most wonderful, entertaining, thought provoking nights I have ever had. Not even kidding. There were young people, older people and people in the middle. Everyone was talented. Some people told stories. Some people read poetry. Some sang songs. Everyone shared from their hearts. It was incredibly beautiful, heartwarming and even funny in parts. And all of that warmth and talent and love was FIVE DOLLARS!! It also included coffee, tea birthday cake and baked goods. SO glad I went.

It made me love the wonderful variety of humanity in a way that I truly needed that night.

I can’t wait for the next one.

I’m even thinking of reading one of my blog posts at the open mike.

Just say YES sometimes.

You never know what might happen.❤️

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